About Me

Hi! I am Chhavi .Thank You for stopping by.

Mommy to a small little boy, major foodie, self taught and self proclaimed cook!

I love cooking for friends and family and above all I love eating .I find it therapeutic. On a bad day an undisturbed hour in the kitchen and some chocolate can cure all my blues.Though Lately  goofing around with my little one can also take me from an insane person to a loving mature adult.

I am super moody and have a short attention span which also explains the interesting  milieu of recipes you will find on my blog.There are days I eat healthy but more often there are days I want to devour desert and cookies.

On my blog you can find everyday quick recipes-both sweet and savory,celebratory cakes, healthy recipes and also some mood lifting decadent dessert recipes.

I have come a long way from making mushrooms  in grape juice when I was 13 (an obvious fiasco)to writing this food blog!!:D

Do leave a comment or send me a mail if you have any suggestions or  want me to make something specific  or you simply want to chat!

Email- foodcoworg@gmail.com