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Hi! I am Chhavi .Thank You for stopping by.

I am a Mommy to a small little boy, unapologetic foodie, self taught and self proclaimed Cook & Food Photographer.

Welcome to my little culinary corner ,where I share some old,some new, little wacky, at times decadent and mostly healthy everyday recipes.

Thats me! and my little Bub

My Love for Food

As with any love..my love for food was slow and sweet…I come from a spartan vegetarian family..I ate dal, sabzi and parathas for the first 16 years of my life..Mostly vegan, except for the 2 large steel glasses of milk..After which college happened…My then boyfriend now husband happened and suddenly my world exploded with possibilities.I owe my love for food to him.He is the one who introduced me to my first lasagna,my first authentic Chinese experience,who showed me the world beyond Dal Roti.

My world truly exploded after college but I really found myself after we moved in together and I had a kitchen of my own.The more I cooked the more obsessed I became.I can conjure up reasons to have party at my house just so I can cook a large spread.On a bad day,couple of undisturbed hours in the kitchen and some chocolate can cure-all my blues.

I love experimenting with new food and cuisines, which also explains the interesting milieu of recipes you will find on my blog.I love exploring recipes from different parts of the world- when in doubt I do Italian or Indian,when I am in the mood to experiment I usually try my hand at Asian and at times I go totally off kilter and try some African & Mexican food too.

As we are getting older, we have realised the need to eat healthier, not necessarily low calorie but high nutrient food.I have consciously tried to include more millets,vegetables and protein to our diet but that doesn’t mean we don’t indulge, we do…but I make the elaborate decadent desserts only when I know I will have a lot of people over and I won’t be the only one polishing off the food.(because if there is cake I will eat it.)

Do leave a comment or send me a mail if you have any suggestions or  want me to make something specific  or you simply want to chat!

Stay in touch with me on Instagram and Facebook or drop me a note on my email- foodcoworg@gmail.com


Here are some of my latest Favourite recipes!


Nadan Kozhi Curry- Kerala Chicken Curry

Kerala Chicken Curry - Nadan Kozhi Curry -Made with Coconut Milk & Indian Spices
Kerala Chicken Curry – Nadan Kozhi Curry -Made with Coconut Milk & Indian Spices

Eggless Lemon Chia Cake

Lemon Chia Seed Cake
Eggless Lemon Chia Cake

Summertime Fresh Mango Cake- Eggless

Summertime Eggless Fresh Mango Cake - Basic Eggless Vegetarian Sponge with chunks of Fresh alphonso Mango pieces in it.
Summertime Fresh Mango Cake- Eggless


Homemade Achari Paneer Masala

Homemade Achari Paneer Masala
Achari Paneer Masala








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