How to Start Baking

How to start baking

Baking is a joy.It’s a stress reliever and an art form.I am writing this blog especially to initiate more people into try baking.I am going to do some posts to help people in india start their baking journey.

Baking doesn’t only mean making cakes.You can bake a chicken or an egg or ¬†cookies or fish or make sundried tomatoes at home or make a roasted tomato sauce for your pasta.Really the list is endless.

If you are new to it and want to know how to start then first things first buy an oven.I use Morphy Richards oven and would recommend it to everyone.
It has temperature settings,time settings and settings to change the direction of heat.If very very light and super convenient to use.You get a baking tray with this oven,rotisserie attachments and a spill tray.This oven is enough to make one cake at a time or roast one whole chicken or medium turkey at a time.

Now that you have an oven you need some basic pans for cakes,muffins and bakes.I suggest you buy one of each to begin with.You can’t use plastic or glass inside the oven.Any baked ceramic dish or borosil can be used.

For small time whisking you can use a manual hand whisk but if you want to create frosting or whip up egg whites or fresh cream you will need a hand Whisk.

Other Important items needed for baking are a spatula so that you can scoop out all of your batter and put in the baking pan.A brush to brush you chicken with some sauce or oil. Baking paper so that you cake doesn’t stick to the pan.Aluminium foil so that you can stop the top of the cake or dish from over browning but continue the cooking process inside.

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