cream cheese

Chocolate Cheese Cake

My cheesecake curse is broken!!!!2 great outcomes in a month and 2 very different flavors! I think I am on a roll! It was meant to be a dessert for a friend’s party and I couldn’t keep my hands off it! I used to sneak into the kitchen when nobody was watching and quickly have a piece. So Yeah..It was that amazing!Extra chocolaty…extra rich…Oreo based chocolate cheese cake with a chocolate ganache topping..I thank for posting the recipe of chocolate cheesecake.I have changed a few things in it according to my has come out heavenly! I was scared about the right baking time but I think I managed fine..:D..It was slightly wobbly when I stopped the baking but I kept …

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Blueberry Mini Cheese Cake

Once I had baked a cheesecake! And it was such a disappointment that my brother who is normally a dustbin didn’t even touch it!!(And if he didn’t then it has to be a catastrophe!!) Since that loss I have been waiting to make the most perfect cheesecake! It’s a challenge I have taken on myself! Also cause my hubby loooves blueberry cheese cake!!But after the last disaster I don’t have the guts to waste that much cream cheese in one sitting so I have decided to make mini cheesecakes in muffin tins. It turned out to be simpler than making normal muffins! Lesser number of ingredients, lesser mixing! The only place that I really struggled was when I had to …

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