savory muffins

Healthy Cheese Muffins

Savoury Cheese Muffins

I haven’t made a whole lot of savoury muffins till now but I understand the allure they hold.Healthier twin to the sweeter muffin, made with cheese, high on protien,easy to just grab and go! Before I started making this I used to laboriously make ¬†Quiches instead but this muffin is right up my alley.Its a one bowl bake fool proof recipe!It’s a great base savoury muffin recipe that can be tweaked to no end! These Eggless Cheese Muffins are a great make ahead snack and breakfast option.I also love carrying these while travelling cause I don’t need to wreck my brains over the nutrient content of store bought stuff.I could totally see these in cute little tiffin boxes when my …

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