Moist Quinoa Chocolate Cake

Genius Quinoa Chocolate Cake

First,a set of disclaimers on this Quinoa Chocolate Cake. If you are expecting anything less than a perfect chocolate cake then let me disappoint you. If you are expecting a trade off ,gummy, weird Chocolate Cake,then again this recipe will disappoint you. If you are expecting anything other than a magical,chocolatey,fudgy,gooey cake then you are on the …

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Mushroom & Spinach Oats Khichadi

Mushroom & Spinach Oats Khichadi with Steel Cut Oats and Moong Dal.Easy Gluten Free, Fibre Rich Lunch option.

I can’t stop myself from raving about this Mushroom & Spinach Oats Khichadi. Recently, I have started on a slightly more controlled diet and introduced a lot more fibre in my otherwise sad state, extremely high carb diet. Replacing Rice and wheat with other grains and millets was the highest on my todo list.I can’t …

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Chocolate Oats Brownies | Gluten Free

Dark and Decadent Chocolate Oats Brownies.The best Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie recipe made with 100% oatmeal.

I will be absolutely frank here! The first time I set out to make these Chocolate Oats Brownies ,I had crazy jitters.I was very unsure about it.I mean how could something with oats taste decadent? because that’s what my brother wanted.Something indulgent, decadent,Dark Chocolate brownie.Basically the real stuff and not some rip off healthy version.His …

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Authentic Mangalorean Prawn Sukka

Mangalorean Prawn Sukka - A spicy, tangy Prawn roast from the west coast of india made with chillies,tamarind and fresh coconut.

Mangalore Prawn Sukka is a dish from the west coast of South India.It is a bright orange(red in some cases) spicy and Tangy prawn roast made with fresh coconut and dry red chillies. I was introduced to Mangalorean cuisine about 7 years back when we went to Kudla, the most iconic Mangalorean Food restaurant in …

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