Day 4 and 5-Ginger Coriander Basa with Spicy Baby Potatoes


Day 4 was not as smashing a success as the other days. I conquered the cravings but botched up the cooking. The chicken was over cooked and the flavor from balsamic vinegar was too strong. Only saving grace were the carrots which were cooked to perfection…Sweet and salty charred orange perfection!

I did make a good egg dish. It was like a quiche but without the pastry or cream and milk. I used the left over mushrooms from the lunch in this dish. Pretty bite sized pieces of eggy delight. They work well as a post workout snack…But unlike the, not so tasty chicken and mushrooms these didn’t photograph as well… :(..I want to work more on these recipes before posting them so you wont find them in this post.


Day 5 was good. Armed with my frozen basa I was ready to make a million fish recipes. I find that my creative juices are flowing copiously because of all these restrictions. I have a long list of ideas I want to implement on a daily basis…The list is longer than the 30 days I have for this experiment!

Days are easy enough for me…I don’t have the sugar cravings people talk about but I know for a fact weekends are going to be difficult when I will be faced with the most amazing fried food and pizzas and bread!! Ahhggggrrrrr! In fact, tonight could be tricky…We are going to a food truck festival in the evening and I know I won’t be able to eat most of the food!!!Cry Cry Cry…

Day 5 Menu


Lunch-Ginger Coriander Basa with spicy Baby potatoes

Snacks-Black Coffee and Cashews

IMG_20160304_151045 (1).jpg

I had one big banana for breakfast…My lunch was fish in a very Indian coriander marinade. I was inspired by the Parsi dish Patra Ni Maachi. This dish is marinated in coconut-coriander chutney which is traditionally wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. The marinade I used is inspired from here but the fish is pan seared (tried my best) and baked for 5 minutes in the over at 200 degrees. I served this (to myself) with baked new potato in one tomato sauce.

When it comes to fish my knowledge is limited. I find it very easy to use frozen basa because it’s boneless and very easy to handle. Basa is a white oily fish which can be cooked in a matter of minutes!!I also saw some frozen Tilapia fish in the supermarket which I am itching to try.

For the marinade, instead of using the coriander leaves I used the coriander stalks (The stems-the part of coriander which we usually throw in the garbage) but you are welcome to use coriander leaves. I also didn’t bother using fresh coconut cause of the amount of bashing up that goes into it so I have used dry coconut in this recipe. The marinade is more of a sambal paste which you coat the fish with than a sauce.


Ginger Coriander Basa




Vegetable Oil-1 tbsp

Basa Fish-2 fillets

Coriander stalk-Fist full

Dry Coconut-2 tbsp

Green Chilli-1

Ginger-1 thumb

Salt-To taste



  1. Make a paste of the coriander stalks, dry coconut, chili, ginger and salt with 2 tbsp of water.
  2. Using a spoon coat the fish on both the sides with the coriander paste and marinade for 15-20 minutes.
  3. In a pan heat the oil for 20 seconds and place the fish gently. Check if the fish has browned from one side. Lift and turn the fish using a flat spoon to sear the other side. This usually takes 45-60 seconds on each side. The fish needs to be handled very delicately at this point.
  4. Once the fish has seared from both the sides wrap it in a foil and bake it at 180 degree for 5 minutes.(if you don’t have an oven-place the foil wrapped fish in the pan on low heat for 5 minutes)

Squeeze lime and gobble it all up or wait for the potatoes!!

Spicy Baby Potatoes



-Baby Potatoes-20-25

-Salt to taste

-Ginger-thumb sized

-Tomato-1 medium

-Oil-1 tbsp

-Garlic-2 unpeeled cloves



  1. Boil the Potatoes in an open pan for 10 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, blend the tomato and ginger together to create a course paste.
  3. In an oven proof dish, mix the par boiled potatoes, tomato puree, salt, garlic and half cup of water.
  4. Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes followed by 200 degrees for 15 minute.Saute the potatoes occasionally.


Serve along with fish or anything else!!



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