Frozen Grapes

Black Seedless grapes cleaned and frozen

I have been a total nuisance lately.I have tried(somewhat successfully) to introduce as many people to this phenomena called FROZEN GRAPES.I have bugged all my whatsapp groups,called my mom and rambled non stop about the goodness of frozen grapes and I also exaggerated a little about it being better than chocolate. The last attempt got me a virtual kick all the way from Canada where my friend categorically told me I had lost my mind and was clearly hallucinating if I can even think of comparing them to chocolate.

Frozen Grapes
Frozen Grapes

The first time I froze them I couldn’t even photograph them because an army of friends descended home after my 30th birthday celebrations.I have served them as beer snacks and used them instead of ice cubes in drinks.We collectively demolished a kg of black frozen grapes between the ten of us!

I read about this in a weight watchers post and wasn’t really convinced about them.I couldn’t fathom the taste. I decided to freeze a cup of grapes and see how it goes before committing my whole bag into this nonsense!!! I couldn’t sleep that night.I got up at 3 in the night to taste these.I debated for a while if  it was like eating the miniature grape popsicle you get on marina beach or the candies me and my brother used to eat as kids.Every Time I went to visit my grandfather we would go to the corner shop and gather a bounty of little orange and grape spherical candies for one rupee! I couldn’t settle the debate but I obviously froze the rest of them.

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If you are on a diet or looking to lose weight or on Paleo or whole 30 diet these frozen goodies will serve to curb your cravings and making you a better person :D.Try it for my sake and if you like it let me know!!We can bond over the greatness of the human being who thought of this amazingness !!

Frozen Grapes

Prep time: 

Total time: 

Frozen grapes
  • Grapes
  1. Soak the grapes in water for 15-20 minutes.Wash them well.
  2. Remove from the water and let them dry
  3. Once dried, store in batches in air tight containers!


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