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Where to buy Groceries and Fresh Produce in Bangalore

I am making an ongoing list of physical and online stores in Bangalore which should cater to all your provisional needs whether special or everyday. It’s been five years in Bangalore and i still struggle at times to find the produce that i am looking for.I have now adopted a better technique of buying the produce first and then settling on what i can cook with it.I have listed the stores as per my preference for each food category. Everyday Vegetables Vegetable Cart/Market-I prefer catching a vegetable cart as they have the freshest produce but living in an apartment does not help Hopcom Namdhari Spar/Nilgiris/Star Bazaar Speciality Vegetables and Fresh Herbs Namdhari Spar/Star Bazaar Godrej Nature’s Basket Westside food Nilgiris Dried Herbs,Sauces …

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6 minute Pan-Seared Chicken Breast Recipe

This recipe is for all my bachelor friends who have limited skills in the kitchen but want to make something nutritious and yummy in few minutes.This is especially good as a pre or post workout meal because it is full of lean protein. Follow this recipe to the dot and you will never eat rubbery chicken breast again in your life. The trick is in controlling the flame and timing the recipe absolutely. You can use any marinade on the chicken breast.I have given some sample marinades below which can be whipped up in a matter of few seconds with pantry staples. TSP is short for tea spoon TBSP is short for table spoon Indian Marinade-I Turmeric -1/2 tsp Ginger Garlic paste-1/2 tsp …

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