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Japanese Cheese Cake

Japanese Cheese Cake

I don’t know if it was my writer’s block. Or just plain laziness. Or maybe it was me trying to get thin..:D…well whatever it was it is in the past. Here I come with the most amazing cheese cake I have tasted in my life!!Japanese cheese cake…it’s extremely light and fluffy unlike the traditional baked cheese cakes where one slice is a meal in itself! Stiff beaten Eggs whites actually enjoy a monopoly in being the most versatile ingredient the dessert world. What would we do without it? Imagine if egg whites didn’t react the way they do?!The whole dessert world will come crumbling down!! You might talk about the new age substitutes. But they are essentially a replica of …

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Chocolate Cheese Cake

My cheesecake curse is broken!!!!2 great outcomes in a month and 2 very different flavors! I think I am on a roll! It was meant to be a dessert for a friend’s party and I couldn’t keep my hands off it! I used to sneak into the kitchen when nobody was watching and quickly have a piece. So Yeah..It was that amazing!Extra chocolaty…extra rich…Oreo based chocolate cheese cake with a chocolate ganache topping..I thank for posting the recipe of chocolate cheesecake.I have changed a few things in it according to my has come out heavenly! I was scared about the right baking time but I think I managed fine..:D..It was slightly wobbly when I stopped the baking but I kept …

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Blueberry Mini Cheese Cake

Once I had baked a cheesecake! And it was such a disappointment that my brother who is normally a dustbin didn’t even touch it!!(And if he didn’t then it has to be a catastrophe!!) Since that loss I have been waiting to make the most perfect cheesecake! It’s a challenge I have taken on myself! Also cause my hubby loooves blueberry cheese cake!!But after the last disaster I don’t have the guts to waste that much cream cheese in one sitting so I have decided to make mini cheesecakes in muffin tins. It turned out to be simpler than making normal muffins! Lesser number of ingredients, lesser mixing! The only place that I really struggled was when I had to …

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