Mushroom and Cheese Quiche

After mastering the pastry crust for tarts and pies I decided to make a savoury pie. It came out amazing!!But the only thing is I shouldn’t have made one one piece of it when there were more than ten guests expected (it didn’t last for even five minutes!) I wonder why I hadn’t tried this before because it is pretty straight forward and you cant really go wrong with it.and the praises and love you get after totally justifies the time and effort it takes to make the perfect pastry dough. I decided to make enough dough to make two quiches have frozen one portion of it and how that turns out remains to be seen. This is the most …

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Blueberry Mini Cheese Cake

Once I had baked a cheesecake! And it was such a disappointment that my brother who is normally a dustbin didn’t even touch it!!(And if he didn’t then it has to be a catastrophe!!) Since that loss I have been waiting to make the most perfect cheesecake! It’s a challenge I have taken on myself! Also cause my hubby loooves blueberry cheese cake!!But after the last disaster I don’t have the guts to waste that much cream cheese in one sitting so I have decided to make mini cheesecakes in muffin tins. It turned out to be simpler than making normal muffins! Lesser number of ingredients, lesser mixing! The only place that I really struggled was when I had to …

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