Apple Crumble Muffins

Apple Crumble Muffins

I feel that I only end up cribbing about the challenges of having a baby and never really tell you how awesome it is! So here are some things which will tell you how happy parenting makes me! Everytime he smiles and looks at me with those dynamite twinkly eyes something melts inside me!(like a choco lava cake.Sigh!!) Everytime he does something new I feel like I have accomplished something akin to going to the moon!(like the little butt lifts he does when trying to turn!Like omg he can move so much!) Everytime I am able to make him laugh I am actually rolling a video camera inside my brain so that I can keep playing that moment again and …

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Product Review :Britania Cream Cheese

Britannia Cream Cheese

Today I am reviewing Britannia cream cheese. I have used this particular brand of cream cheese for over 4 years now and it has never disappointed me. I am a biggg fan of anything cream cheese! I could (hypothetically) kiss the hands of a good cheesecake maker and at the same time give a rough tongue lashing to somebody who is trying to pass off a gelatinous milk mixture for  a cheese cake! And who doesn’t love an onion bagel with cream cheese! oh and nachos with cream cheese and spring onion dip! When I first spotted this cream cheese in India, I was in heaven! Cause till then , the only cream cheese I knew was the imported Philly cheese, …

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