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How to Make Ricotta Cheese at Home

How to make Fresh and Creamy Ricotta Cheese

Lets talk about¬†How to Make Ricotta Cheese at Home with just a few handy ingredients. There are times when I need some fresh cheese stat but I can’t be bothered to step out in the crazy Bangalore Heat.(I can’t even begin to sympathise with you Chennai and Delhi folks!)For those times this recipe is a life saver.Also anything made at home is a thousand times more nutritious and free of dubious ingredients than something store bought. The ricotta cheese made using this recipe is creamy, soft and not overly salty like the packaged variety available in the market.It is as easy as making Paneer at home.Infact,you can press the ricotta for longer and make a very paneer like firm cheese. …

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How to Start Baking

How to start baking

Baking is a joy.It’s a stress buster and almost an art form.It’s such a joy to see simple ingredients turn into something spectacular inside an oven.It’s a shame that baking as a cooking method hasn’t really caught on in india.The sole purpose of me writing this blog is to educate and initiate more people into baking. Once you get the mechanics of it you will realise how convenient it is.In my opinion,baking is easier than cooking on a stove top and definitely more useful than microwaving food(microwave just zaps the food and strips it of all its nutrients-read my post on it here).Baking mimics a traditional clay oven or a tandoor in the way it cooks food.You can set the …

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