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Roasted Veggies in Italian Herbs

Baked Veggies with italian herbs

I want to start out by thanking for featuring me on their site. It’s very inspiring when people reach out to you and feature you on their sites! It’s the reverse feedback loop from the food universe patting your back and telling you to keep going.:D After my brunch party on Sunday I had loads of veggies left, which I wanted to use. I contemplating making Pav Bhaji the quintessential Bombay street food but decided to order that instead (Love Swiggy!) and make this nice and healthy veggie bake for myself. All your half zucchinis and handful of mushrooms and tomatoes , that you keep wrapped up waiting for inspiration to strike and ultimately throw them at the end of …

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Baked Baby Potatoes

I tried for approximately 15 minutes to be cool and write a blog using my android phone…but it’s an utter fail!!So…here i am back to my pink notebook..:D… I have been in the quest of party food since the time I had my own kitchen which is about two years…not like i haven’t had parties at home…but i have given my poor guests things like peanuts..Popcorn…bread rolls…once on an extra healthy wagon i even gave them egg salad…they didnt complain but they didnt exactly devour it! I still had some left for myself for the next day…but this isn’t enough…i needed a finger food that nobody can resist…that  a vegan to a hard core beef eater will enjoy..also it should …

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