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Italian Puttanesca Sauce

Spicy Italian Puttanesca Sauce with tomato,olives and Capers

I am all over this spicy Italian Puttanesca Sauce!! Just can’t get enough of it. My Indian soul just warms up with every forkful of the spaghetti in this Spicy Deep Red sauce with flecks of capers and olives which give it a unique sourness, the chilli flakes which tickle the pallete  and the fresh herbs which give it a hearty character. But First,Let’s talk about the dragon in the recipe,thorn on your potential side, the one ingredient which might make you pass the recipe.The Anchovies.Yes its a fish.Yes it stinks.Yes its unsightly but this in small quantity gives this sauce a depth it would otherwise lack. If you are vegetarian or Vegan then by all means skip this fish.But if you …

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Quick Cherry Tomato Sauce

Quick Cherry Tomato Sauce

Todays recipe is my goto quick and easy pasta sauce recipe-Quick Cherry Tomato Sauce.As if obvious I have used cherry tomatoes to make these.They are easily available in any well stocked vegetable shop across india.I usually have 1-2 packs at hand cause I love using them in salads and stir fries.My son also pops them like candy so its a win win.:D The reason I worked on this recipe was to help out a dear friend.Her son loves my roasted tomato sauce with his spaghetti and pasta.So much so that he started eating this on his own by 7 months of age and on his fussy days this is my friend’s goto meal for him. Only catch being that the …

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Roasted Tomato Red Pepper Sauce-Versatile Tomato Pasta Sauce

Versatile Roasted Tomato Sauce

I have been meaning to put this recipe of roasted tomato red pepper sauce up for quite sometime , but something or the other happens every single time I start putting the words down so I have decided I am going to keep it short. This sauce is an extremely easy no fuss roasted tomato red pepper sauce, which doesn’t require any fancy ingredients and can be made with local vegetables.I discovered this recipe a few weeks back on and have already made it thrice. This is also a vegan,gluten free,whole 30 and paleo compliant recipe.Its a very skinny sauce and the calories of your dish depend on how you use it. I like to make roasted tomato red pepper sauce in …

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