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Baked Tandoori Chicken with Mushrooms in Spinach Sauce

My story seems to be quite the opposite of most of the whole30 subscribers.I am on my 23 day and my cravings are sky rocketing.First 15 days seemed breezy compared to the days now.I am constanlty craving ice cream when I didn’t even like it before.My mind is concsiosly going berserck thinking about stupid treats like a cracker.Because of all this upheavel in my head I have resorted to making more indian food to shut the mouth of my screeching cravings.And hence was born whole30 complaint chicken Tandoori with Suated mushrooms in Spinach sauce. First thing to do is get yourself a pack of good quality Chicken Tandoori masala. I understand most of you guys won’t find it in other …

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