vegetarian chocolate muffins

Candied Orange and Chocolate Muffins

This particular muffin was more of an experiment that came out well than a proper recipe! It’s extremely easy and the result is mind-blowing! It’s so easy to make that I wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner! It’s almost the same recipe as my goto chocolate muffin recipe but I have just reduced the sugar by one forth and substituted it with candied orange instead and voila! Chocolate orange muffins! For those who love the combination of chocolate and orange this is a hedonistic Extravaganza!!Nothing could satisfy one more than these! Next time I will put a bit of orange frosting on them to enhance the taste further! The result is gooey chocolate muffin with small bites of candied …

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Gooey Chocolate Muffins

This is  my goto recipe! When nothing works out these muffins save the day!! The great part about them is that the ingredients are very very simple and always at hand. There is no need of any butter or any cream of tartar or even frosting!!It’s amazing as it is! Heavenly chocolaty and gooey! This recipe is egg less and takes maximum 10 minutes of work! The outcome is gooey dark chocolaty cupcakes! The clincher here is the milk with vinegar(split milk) which makes it OH so amazingly soft and moist!!I haven’t really eaten better chocolate muffins! It’s the perfect muffin! If you have time and ingredients at hand you can even make cupcakes out of it and frost it …

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